Become Part of the Shrine to Our Lady of Lourdes

Our Lady of Lourdes Gaffey Plaza Video Intro from Vallombrosa Center on Vimeo.

History of the Project:

In 2018,  a benefactor was attending one of the sponsored retreats and came forth to offer to reconstruct the rather humble Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes originally built in the early 50’s.  The Vision grew and now we hope to add an associated project of gardens and a plaza – named for the beloved, late Fr. Kevin Gaffey – a priest in residence at Vallombrosa who had a great devotion to Our Lady. There will be a Fountain of St. Bernadette and the “Path of Spiritual Works” with two Formal gates and numerous benches. All these parts surround the Shrine and create a quiet and sacred space for prayer, reflection and devotion.  There will be an outdoor alter for mass at the Shrine in Gaffey Plaza…

A donation of any size will help this project come to life.


Or use the Paypal Button on the top left of this page. You can also call to speak with Dave Fencl on 650-325-5614.

For those with the means, the structure of large gifts follows:

Levels of Recognition

Immaculate Conception $50,000 and up
  11 February 1858 $20,000 to $50,000
  Gave de Pau $5000 to $20000
  Massabielle $100 to $5000

Specific Gifts

Pavers: 4″x8″ unsigned $100 Before 1 January, 2020 Phase 1
4″x8″ Etched $150 Founding Members
8″x8″ Etched $250
4″x8″ unsigned $150 Sustaining Friends of Vallombrosa  After  1 January, 2020 Phase 2
4″x8″ Etched $200
8″x8″ Etched $400
Seating with plaque: Chair Teak $500 Before 1 January, 2020 Phase 1
  4′ Bench Teak $750 Founding Members
  6′ Bench Teak $1,000
  Chair Teak $750 Sustaining Friends of Vallombrosa After 1 January, 2020 Phase 2
  4′ Bench Teak $1,000
  6′ Bench Teak $1,500
Major Design Elements with recognition: St. Bernadette Fountain $20,000
  Nativity Gate
(St. Michael’s Gate)
  Parking Lot Gate
(St. Joseph’s  Gate)
  Illumination-Lighting $10,000