Introduction to the Center

Vallombrosa Center is also an ideal location for groups seeking a quiet and serene setting to meet and reflect.  Throughout the year, Vallombrosa Center offers special events to mark the liturgical seasons.

Hosted Events

In addition to providing its own specialized retreats and workshops, Vallombrosa Center welcomes groups to use our facility for meetings of a religious, educational or charitable nature. With its variety of meeting spaces and comfortable accommodations, it is well-suited for groups who want to plan, organize, evaluate, and dream dreams for their future. Large day groups are welcome, and groups up to 100 can be accommodated for overnight occupancy.

The Conference Coordinator is happy to help groups make the best use of their time at Vallombrosa Center. Please call Jaynie Fedele at if you are interested in bringing a group to the Center.

Sponsored Events

Throughout the year, Vallombrosa Center offers special events of an educational and liturgical nature.

To register for Vallombrosa retreats, educational programs and special events, go to “Calendar of Events“.  Click the event you wish to attend.